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Do you run a business that utilizes computer programs on a weekly or daily basis? If so, have you heard of Oracle Primavera products? Whether you are an architect, contractor, business owner, or vendor, computer programs and the internet have become vital features of any business. Often, business operations, contracts, or file sharing can sometimes seem burdensome. If you are collaborating on an effort – it can seem as though massive digital files are being emailed back and forth, cluttering your email, leaving a trail of various drafts needing to be merged or simply getting lost in fray. Through the incorporation of Oracle Primavera products, however, you can streamline collaborative efforts, payments, reports, and much more.

Primavera Contract Management, Business Intelligence Publisher Edition

The Oracle Primavera Contract Management package provides the most comprehensive support to date. If you have multiple contracts or projects to manage, this package streamlines communications, reporting and project management to help you and all other parties stay organized, up to date, and continually flowing. Whether you are working with other people within your organization or parties outside of your company’s doors, Oracle Primavera Contract Management can make collaborative efforts seamless. Not only can is streamline communications, data sharing, and reporting – it records an accurate history of events, modifications, and exchanges. This gives you traceability, accountability and daily snapshots of the state of your project with little more than a few clicks of the mouse.

Primavera P6 Enterprise Project Portfolio Management

Do you focus solely on project management? If so, this Oracle Primavera package offers top of the line, web-based solutions. As an integrated project portfolio management (PPM) software solution, the Oracle Primavera P6 Enterprise PPM can support projects of all sizes and complexities. You can assign tailored functions to specific roles, evolving skills, and increased or decreased responsibilities. The Oracle Primavera P6 Enterprise PPM package makes portfolio management flawless, timely, and easy. If you are looking to gain a competitive advantage over other organizations, Primavera P6 Enterprise PPM can give you that and much more.

Primavera P6 Professional Project Management

The Oracle Primavera P6 Professional solution has become an industry standard when it comes to fast, reliable, and scalable project management. This software package provides you with the ability to handle large, complex, and sophisticated projects easily. The P6 Professional solution ensures managers and schedules have the most control possible, while still permitting them flexibility, organizational tools, and invaluable resources.

Primavera Contractor

Right out of the box, Oracle Primavera Contractor offers unparalleled planning and scheduling support. The interactive, multi-functional software included in this package makes planning your next project quick, easy, and user-friendly. Oracle Primavera Contractor allows you to import and export other Primavera products, like P6 PPM, and Microsoft Project.

Monks Projects Solutions for You

At Monks, we understand how important project management is to a business in today’s technology-driven world. We look for the best solutions for your business and work with you to determine how we can address your needs. If you are interested in hearing more about Oracle Primavera products, contact us today!


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