The Best Way to Operate and Manage Facilities and Assets

As your company continues to accumulate assets, it may begin to look like a complicated jumble of processes, each managed by a separate system. Not only can this result in a disconnect between departments, leading to a breakdown of communication, but it cuts down on the efficiency and organization you need to effectively run your business.

With Oracle Primavera, you can successfully integrate systems across your enterprise that were previously isolated, which can lead to the depth and visibility you need to make the best decisions for your company as a whole.

Oracle Primavera’s Facility and Asset Lifecycle Management Solution provides a single, integrated platform that ties all aspects of a business together, resulting in enhanced data continuity and improved visibility across your enterprise. Never before has it been as easy and efficient to plan, design, estimate, build, operate, maintain and optimize- Oracle’s Facility and Asset Lifecycle Management Solution gives you the tools you need to manage each facility over the course of its end-to-end life cycle.  

Thanks to the increased transparency between facilities using Oracle’s Facility and Asset Lifecycle Management Solution, you will be able to more effectively project revenue and plan each facility’s expense budget. This will lead to better control of expenses as well as increased returns on capital and investments.

In addition to improved financial planning, Oracle Primavera’ Facility and Asset Lifecycle Management Solution can help you stay on top of preventative maintenance, ensuring that each facility in your company’s real estate portfolio is in proper working order, with no undetected maintenance issues that could cause major problems such as system failures. Preventative maintenance activities are fully automated for business systems and assets, so you can easily detect and correct problem areas right away, keeping your facilities in prime condition.

Your portfolio of assets and facilities is growing- now is the time to take control with a single, integrated platform that can easily manage all of your company’s moving parts. Monks Project Solutions can help answer all of your Oracle Primavera questions so you can find out if the Facility and Asset Lifecycle Management Solution is right for your business.

Call our Glendale, CO location at 303-860-8871 today for more information about how Oracle Primavera can help you more efficiently manage your company’s processes and increase visibility and communication across all points.

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