Overview: Oracle Primavera Contract Management

Businesses across the United States and around the world are always trying to find ways to become more efficient. When the business cuts down on unneeded expenses and ensures that its workers are performing work that counts, they are a healthier, more robust business.

If you are a business and are looking to be more efficient in your day-to-day activities, you should look to acquiring Oracle Primavera Contract Management. Primavera Contract Management brings together the document management, job cost, and project control you need to perform contracts to the best of your ability and boost business reliability.

Oracle Primavera Contract Management

Oracle Primavera Contract Management brings together the potentially disparate fields of document management, job cost, and project control into one easy-to-use, efficient program. The program provides continued accurate and up-to-date information on the components of contract, who is working on what, and whether your business is meeting its deadlines.

The best part about the program is the role-based dashboard that each member of your team can have access to. The dashboard reflects their position in the contract, showing only what they need to know in order to finish their jobs in a timely and qualitative manner. At the same time, the dashboard allows those in a management role to keep tabs on what components of the contract have been completed, who is lagging behind in their responsibilities, and how much an overall delay could be affecting the big picture.

Primavera Contract Management allows for a streamlined and efficient approval processing unit. This is composed of two key factors in the program: a standard process when simple approval is required and a configurable workflow routing process that is designed to be flexible for the company’s standard processes, yet easy enough to configure that companies can be using it quickly.

Primavera Contract Management also includes a function that allows management to analyze budgets and funding, review any commitment documents, and record any requisitions and invoices as they are received. Upon entrance into the system, the program automatically takes the major components of all types of financial needs and displays them in a beautiful user interface that allows management to forecast costs, streamline work, and control contracts.

Ultimately, Oracle’s Primavera Contract Management will provide your company with a streamlined program that ensures you stay on top of the daily needs your business requires. Contact Oracle today to talk to a representative to see how Primavera Contract Management can help boost your business.


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