6 Reasons Businesses Need to Utilize Oracle Primavera Software

When you are working on a large project, you need to have every facet of that project tracked in a manageable way. Have all the materials for phase one of the project been ordered? Has the media been contacted to schedule a reveal? Was the paperwork for each permit filed and responded to? Are the copies attached to the record? You don’t want to let anything slip through the cracks. For a large project, you need a robust project management system. You need Primavera. Here’s the top six reasons why your business needs to start using Oracle Primavera software:

  1. Oracle Primavera improves your speed in getting your product or service to market. By allowing you to track your suppliers and increase shared responsibilities Primavera software allows you to organize your materials to ensure you have them when you need them.
  2. Primavera software helps to manage project operating costs. Tracking your costs successfully will help you stay on budget, making both you and your client happy.
  3. Primavera helps identify and control risks throughout the project. Managing risk is key to a successful project.
  4. Primavera helps you save money. Because of project transparency that is created by using the software, customers are able to save millions on existing projects when they are managed with the software. For example, John Wayne airport in Anaheim, California came in millions under budget because of their use of the Primavera software in the project. This benefit is not just for airport construction, your business can benefit from it too.
  5. Primavera expands with the needs of your business. With a completely customizable project management system, you can integrate any of your current projects midstream to the software package. This allows you to instantly begin to benefit from the system and start your time and cost savings.
  6. Primavera can help a business start up, shut down or shift operations as needed. Controlling and being aware of these process flows increase awareness of the project and the ability to make strategic decisions.

Oracle Primavera software can make an immediate and big impact in your business. Take some time to learn about everything that Oracle Primavera software can do for you. Check out our training courses here!

Primavera Software not only allows projects to be completed efficiently, but can also scale with your business’ needs. From handling one small project to hundreds of large projects, Primavera is the most complete PPM solution on the market. Contact Monks Project Solutions today for more information on how we can help your business become more efficient today!

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