Why We Love Primavera Contractor (And You Should, Too!)

We LOVE Primavera Contractor and you should too! There’s never been a better scheduling solution that’s completely scalable and more affordable. As a contractor, there’s nothing more important than making sure a project stays on time and is scheduled out correctly to not only meet milestones and deadlines but to ensure that materials and projects are available and ready to go. Primavera Contractor keeps you and all your team on the same page.

This project planning software has never been easier to use. It’s designed to work for you and your company without expensive customization. You can easily drag and drop activities, add deadlines and edit milestones as you organize and create the perfect project schedule.

It includes everything that you would expect from project management software such as:

  • Gantt and PERT charts
  • Customizable reporting wizards
  • Add tasks and assign deadlines
  • Apply critical path scheduling
  • Itemize and control budges and estimates
  • Managing changes in the overall project timeline
  • Inserting photos and graphics
  • Assigning resources to activities
  • Forecasting work hours

But it also includes proprietary information such as the ability to analyze schedule changes using the Primavera Claim Digger technology. Also included is more than 150 industry-standard construction reports so you can compare and have every number you need at your fingertips.

While some of the technology may be proprietary, you can also import and export Microsoft Project schedules as well as export to Excel. Status reports are easily created and graphically represented to convey the information in an easy to read way.

You can manage multiple projects within one license so there’s no reason to pay for more than what you need.

Not only is Primavera Contractor affordable, you can select to purchase the licensing in two different formats – perpetual and term. Perpetual basically means that you own the software. You can use it for as many projects as you want for as many years as you need to. A term license may be better for you if you are only needing the system for a short time or a limited number of projects.

Primavera Software not only allows projects to be completed efficiently, but can also scale with your business’ needs. From handling one small project to hundreds of large projects, Primavera is the most complete PPM solution on the market. Contact Monks Project Solutions today for more information on how we can help your business become more efficient today!

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