5 Things You Need to Know About Oracle Primavera

In today’s modern workplace, chances are that you’ll need to collaborate on projects with others. Oracle Primavera is a line of state of the art project collaboration software. Oracle paired its experience with integrated applications, cloud technologies, servers, storage and databases with Primavera’s proven track record of excellence in project portfolio management to create Oracle Primavera.

From managing deliverables to RFIs and daily logs, Oracle Primavera software knows how to make project collaboration work better. Here are five things you need to know about Oracle Primavera:

  1. It’s easy to use. You collaborators may have different levels of experience using technology. Oracle Primavera is purposefully designed for ease of use, so that all your collaborators will be able to use it successfully.
  2. It maximizes your resources. Oracle Primavera monitors all aspects of your available resources. If there’s a way that the project can be done without tapping out your resources, this software will let you know.
  3. It makes collaboration more effective. Users are given the ability to create their own schedules using the software. It’s also easy for users to communicate with one another from multiple locations, make requests to other users or supervisors, and keep track of their time sheets.
  4. It reduces your risk. It is built into the functionality of the software to assess, identify and notify you of potential risks. This will help you and your company rest assured that your risk is vastly reduced.
  5. The US Military uses it. Not only does the US Military use Oracle Primavera, over 90% of the top engineering companies in the country are using it as well.

If you’re wondering what solution from Oracle Primavera is right for you, we invite you to contact Monks Project Solutions today. Our friendly team of skillful representatives will talk to you and learn more about the nature of your unique business and which solution from Oracle Primavera will best serve you.

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